The sales
boost program

The sales boost program is designed to increase your organization’s revenue. It is a powerful and effective combination of marketing tools and processes powered by technology. It makes rich resources available to the people in the sales ecosystem and solves their problems. With the right systems & integrated processes, your sales figures get new wings

This Program includes Finding potential customer leads using in-depth digital marketing tools, lead management software to manage leads database, Channel partners appointment Super Quick incentive distribution program for your as well as your channel partners sales team, Loyalty program, referral program, access to Exclusive GK portal, creation of all tactical digital properties like websites, Strategic and Automated Gifting Programs, social media properties, and mobile application and complete Digital marketing. Yes, a whole lot of tools which are completely integrated. Aligning with your organization’s strategic goals, you can pick and choose from the available tools/programs.

There is a comprehensive study that goes before the implementation of this program. We study the industry, products/services on the offering, competition, market dynamics, and the internal processes related to sales. Identifying problems is a key to the success of this program

Lead Generation

sk any sales manager and he would say the hot leads are the greatest resource he can have. We shall create a sales funnel where strong and hot leads will be continuously supplied to you. The leads can be stored, managed, and acted upon in our Lead management software.

Distribution Program

Your sales team will be delighted to receive the Incentive within a couple of days once they close the sales orders. This works as a great morale booster and hence are your sales figures. The incentive will be distributed through semi debit cards which will be given to them at the time of program rollout.

Software platform

Exclusive software platform to manage everything about sales boost program. Various logins, highly secured and with great ease of use.

Gifting Program

Gifting / Gratification was never so easy. Be it own employees, channel partners, or the customers, Give the choice of gifts to the recipients, a wide variety of products and services, Gift vouchers. Fire and forget.

We will Roll out a complete Gift card program for your organization.

Exclusive Ecommerce portal

Access to your all stakeholders (employees, channel partners, and their staff and your customers) to our exclusive E-commerce portal where their gratification points can be redeemed. (Loyalty program, Referral points, purchase discount points, or direct gifts.)

Digital Properties

The need for digital properties is enormous. We can design and implement various digital properties in a short time. Be it campaigns, sales pages, social media properties, etc.

Digital Marketing

360degree digital marketing, a complete deck that will help your organization to achieve your tactical goals to achieve higher sales figures. Be It social media properties and their content, blogs, SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing, etc.

Channel Partner

Looking to expand new geographical territories? We will help you to connect with the right people. Distributors, channel partners, CnF agents, etc. We will help to build a comprehensive distribution network for your organization.

Loyalty Program

Loyal customers are such a great asset for an organization to keep up the sales figures. We will help your organization to roll out a complete loyalty program based on a points system and the necessary software backup.

Referral Program

Do you reward people who give referrals to more customers? Why not? let your customers become the voice of your company. Let them bring more new customers and earn. We shall facilitate the end-to-end referral program which will make it happen!


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